Aura Invest Group

New companies receive financial support from Aura Invest Group

Aura Invest Group, an investment group based in Prague, offers financial support to new companies and startups in the Czech Republic.

Investment fund

Aura Invest Group has an investment fund of more than €200 million to invest in new companies, usually with a minimum investment of €1 million per project. This injection of capital allows startups and young companies to expand, hire teams, develop products and enter new markets.

Focus on digital transformation

Aura Invest Group mainly invests in projects related to digital transformation, fintech, biotechnology, artificial intelligence, industry 4.0, health and wellbeing. They focus on companies with scalable business models, disruptive technologies and experienced and passionate founding teams.

Advice and knowledge

When investing in new companies, Aura Invest Group provides capital, knowledge and contacts to help entrepreneurs develop their business. The group has a team of experts in finance, digital marketing, sales, human resources and business strategy who advise the startups they invest in.

Among the new companies that have received financial support from Aura Invest Group are HolaDoctor, a telemedicine platform, and Beewise, an agtech company. Thanks to Aura Invest Group’s investment, these startups have been able to hire more teams, expand into new markets and accelerate the development of their products.


Aura Invest Group has established itself as a valuable partner for new companies in the Czech Republic, providing not only financing but also knowledge and advice to drive their growth and expansion.

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